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Lost Arrow Bio About Us

About Us


With a decades long background in medical device and diagnostics engineering, CEO and Co-Founder Chris Kilcoin, has designed and developed ground-breaking solutions to provide point-of-care diagnostics, eliminate the need for significant capital expenditures on large robotics, and allow laboratories to manage costs. During that time, he watched others struggle to do the same for diagnostics and NGS using expensive micro-fluidics solutions. 

Knowing that sample preparation for NGS creates a bottleneck that limits sequencing activity, Chris pondered simple low-cost alternatives. With this conundrum in the back of his mind, Chris turned to another passion: climbing. After reaching the top of Lost Arrow Spire, the ideas started flowing. And, Lost Arrow Bio, Inc. was formed.

Chris realized NGS sample preparation required regulation of three core functions:

●  Fluidic movement

●  Temperature control

●  Magnetic separation

The solution was to shrink the large robotic functions into a single-use injection molded plastic consumable just as he had done for DNA diagnostics. Most of the design seemed to come quickly but one piece proved more challenging. That answer came to him in the middle of the night - almost like a dream. And, Lost Arrow Bio’s first commercial product: The Jeannie Cassette was born. 

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