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Chris Kilcoin-Lost Arrow Bio

Chris Kilcoin

CEO & Co-Founder

Chris Kilcoin has proven integral to driving innovation in medicine with 25 patents granted and several more pending.  After leading Mechanical Engineering teams at Cepheid, Vidacare, and Omniome, Chris has extensive experience creating injection molded products for complex high-volume medical and biotech applications with a focus on delivering on time and under budget. 


Working with multidisciplinary teams, he has designed medical devices and scientific instrumentation from concept through commercialization at and for some of the most well-known companies in the life sciences industry. His work can be seen in products including the Cepheid GenXpert® and INT Palladium™ cartridges, as well as diagnostic instruments and systems created for others, including the Gates Foundation.


When not tinkering in his engineering lab, Chris spends his time enjoying the outdoors with his wife, Andrea.

Susan Lauer-Lost Arrow Bio

Susan Lauer

COO & Co-Founder

Having lost her father to a particularly rare form of cancer, Susan Lauer is highly motivated to help build a great company that could make it possible for others to avoid that pain. Whether in the Foreign Service, law or startups, Susan has demonstrated an ability to manage cross-disciplinary teams and complex projects across multiple borders while maintaining focus on the details without losing sight of the big picture.


Susan started as a Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. Department of State before graduating from Georgetown University. After leaving the State Department, Susan spent the majority of her career as a lawyer representing business interests in government affairs as well as corporate and supply chain transactions. Always one to view transactions through the lens of her clients’ business interests in addition to managing their legal risks, Susan left the practice to return to more operational roles, like those she had served overseas. Susan found this opportunity as the first full-time employee at startup, Contract Wrangler, where she was Director of Client Services, overseeing product management, attorney operations and client relations. She is thrilled to bring skills learned in each of these capacities to her role at Lost Arrow Bio.


When not working or volunteering at local non-profits, Susan spends her time exploring life with her husband, Brad, and their two active sons.

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