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Lost Arrow Bio Solutions



Experience the speed and accuracy of expensive robotics with the lower entry costs and flexibility of manual sample prep methods. No need for large capital expenditures up front. No need to bear the expense and delays of outsourcing. Incur costs only as-needed; recoup them in reagent savings alone. 

* USPTO very favorable written opinion in July 2020. PCT (international) publication due Nov 2020.

The Jeannie System is the tip of a very scalable solution line. Stay tuned for upcoming product details.


Please provide your contact information to learn more or to pre-register for a Jeannie.

With a new class of tools, Lost Arrow Bio offers an accessible, efficient, and accurate alternative for NGS sample preparation from fragmentation to ready-for-NGS.


Our patented* single-use injection molded cassettes and durables will provide the ability to control fluidic movement, temperature, and magnetic separation in any order, with any parameters -- at a fraction of the cost of existing robotic solutions. 

Our single-use cassettes will automate any NGS library prep workflow using any commercially available reagent kit. Keeping samples and reagents contained within the cassette rather than moving them between wells and pipette tips minimizes waste, errors, and contamination.


With the launch of our first commercial product - the Jeannie System - you can process up to 8 samples identically. Scale your process as needed and skip batching.

Lost Arrow Bio Jeannie system
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