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Lost Arrow Bio, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. We embrace policies supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion in our mission, on our team, and in our work environment. Our mission is to revolutionize sample preparation for Next Generation Sequencing because we believe making NGS sample prep tools more accessible, efficient, and accurate will greatly expand the medical benefits of NGS for all.


As an early-stage startup, we know innovation comes from thinking outside of the box . . . looking at problems from as many different perspectives as possible. That’s why we value diversity of all kinds at Lost Arrow Bio. 


With distributed teams on the west coast, we offer flexible working environments to foster team inclusion and productivity. 


Are you a scientist or engineer interested in joining Lost Arrow Bio? Do you have experience working in the Biotech industry or have a genuine passion for the industry with experience in similar or related fields?

We encourage women and others traditionally excluded from STEM positions to apply. Even if we aren’t hiring, we will keep your information and let you know when new opportunities arise.

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